Solgi Department of Industrial Engineering

Investor , consulter and performer of cultural, sportive, cinematic projects and funfairs
Adress: sa’adat abad, above the kaj square, no.153, unit 1

گروه صنعتی سُلگی گروه صنعتی سُلگی گروه صنعتی سُلگی گروه صنعتی سُلگی گروه صنعتی سُلگی گروه صنعتی سُلگی گروه صنعتی سُلگی

Solgi department has a brilliant history with the management of mohammad morad solgi on cooperation with different companies (governmental and non-governmental) . it has performed many amusement devices and cultural places and seasonal amusement parks(out door) and indoor salons ( funfares, cinemas, sportive places) as a director or consultant or performer. This has caused a vast number of entrepreneurship. In this regard a large investment has happened and at the present the department is performing and directing several large cultural,sportive,cinematic projects.
Frisbee device: the device is a servo motor and all automatic system with a maximum angle of 90 degrees and for maximum passenger of 75 defgree utmost with Pneumatic belts and 24 capacity. More Info
This group is of a technical and experienced staff with the modern knowledge and technology and it is ready to perform a variety of activities from consulting to constructing of any pleasure places , devices , indoor and outdoor salones, cultural sportive cinematic commercial complexes and training people in those fields, cooperation and investment in the country or abroad . the department tries to build modern amusement parks.
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